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We reached 15,000 users

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beta  > 15,000

The Power of Squares, The Next Generation of Students.

What is kolab?

kolab is a social collaboration platform built for students. That means it’s the place for you to work on your assignments and projects, on your own… or in groups.

At the base of kolab is a real-time document editor that allows up to 8 people to work on projects together in real time.

But we have also integrated with the real-time editor, everything else you need to organize your work and communicate with the group.

kolab is also a very unique in class note taking web application that allows you to record the class as your taking your notes and sync them together. Your notes and the recording can be easily shared with your friends.

The Kalendar is the final piece of Kolab that, while not available in the beta, will be coming soon to allow you to organize your school life better than ever before.

Watch the tutorial video to see all the functionality available in the kolab beta.

What’s different about kolab?

It is built entirely with the students’ needs in mind. The look, the feel and the functionality were all designed to help the student be more productive… but also work together effectively in groups. kolab is a true collaboration platform that allows you to stay social with a full Facebook integration.

You will be amazed to see how the integration brings everything together on Kolab to make your life as a student much easier.

What is part of the beta?

The first phase of the beta is open for up to 15,000 users only. Make sure to stay connected with us through our Facebook and Twitter page to be notified when we open more slots for the beta.

The Kalendar is not yet part of the Beta , but will be coming soon.

Remember that as a beta, kolab is still under development. We will be updating the platform on a weekly basis with new features and functionality so stay tuned.

You launched on April 1st, is all this a joke?